10 Trendy Website Designs 2019

Date Posted: August 5, 2019 by Luvina Kwon

If you haven’t noticed already, there has been consistent growth in UX website design. Users are more engaged, focused and more likely to make a conversion on a website that is user friendly and easy to navigate. You have the freedom to express your brand in a multitude of ways. Using large header text, bright colors, video, minimalist styles, transitions, and geometric/organic shapes are just some of the ways to improve your website that we’ll talk about below. The following websites, some made in-house, are a few examples of today’s top ten website trends.

1. Text Take-Over

Website copy is usually used for the logo and the menu bar, but lately hero headers are being used to grab your attention, as well as sending a message. The copy should be short and sweet, and paired with a bold image or animation. For example, Ever and Ever; an environmentally friendly aluminum water bottle brand; uses big copy to send a big message. Syndicut on the other hand uses a series of transitions to keep their copy short and their viewer engaged.

Ever and Ever


2. Bright Colors

Now more than ever brands are using bright, bold, and vibrant colors to represent their brand. Brands like The YMCA, and Toggl are expressing their youthful, happy, and bold brand personalities on their website to identify with their target audience.

3. Video Content

We know video can build brand awareness and brand personality. But did you know it is also an effective way to reach people who don’t have the time to read your “Our Story” section. Websites like J.M. Basile, Lyft, and ESPN use video content to keep the viewer engaged, as well as tell them a story about the brand.

J.M. Basile



4. Minimalist Layout

Minimalism gives a focused and clean aesthetic design. Which is why so many websites use this design. On the other hand, the websites started to look the same. Today, you have to have a certain je ne sais quoi to your minimal website. For example, Steven Mengin; a french digital designer; uses a beautiful wave animation for his minimal portfolio website. Campos Coffee on the other hand, uses layered images with a slight animation to capture the essence of their brand story.

Steven Mengin

5. Transitions

whether it be a page transition, image transition, or scroll transition it will continue to trend this year, because of its interactive and engaging abilities. Brands such as has Merry Mead Farms, Norristown and Suliya, incorporated motion design in their website.


6. Geometric/Organic Shapes

The geometric shapes captures the essence of stability and structure. While the organic shapes captivates the human side of design. This trend gives websites such as BabyTalkforParents.org and Wozber.com, dimension.

7. 3D Illustrations

3D isn’t only for the movie theaters anymore. You can now enter the 3 dimensional world on your desktop and phone! Websites like WorldDraw.com and Showcase.withGoogle.com allow you to step inside the digital world all while sitting at your desk. You can explore, build your own town/city, and even play games.



8. Illustrations

Illustrations can have a huge impact in a way a lifestyle image or a product shot just cannot deliver. Especially when a brand has no product, but a service. The illustration can depict the brand’s service effectively while using abstract depictions of people, gradients, and bright colors. Brands such as, GILK, a leasing company or CrowdRise, a non-profit fundraising company by GoFundMe.

9. Gradients

Gradient elements can be seen across multiple website styles that are trending this year. But websites like Spotify and Workstack are using gradients in a big and bold way. They are full screen, bright and noteworthy.

10. Retro Design

What is old is new again. Retro website designs are making a comeback in a big way. Fashion brands are particularly embracing their inner Madonna. The Gucci Sunglasseswebsite is using retro elements along with glitch art to promote their sunglasses. Miu Miu on the other hand is promoting their new perfume by engaging their viewers in an 80’s arcade style game.

Gucci Sunglass

Miu Miu

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