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Monthly Archives: June 2014

What is Digital Media Marketing?

Date Posted: June 23, 2014 by

Happy Monday! This is Katie, Digital Media Analyst here at i76 Solutions. In my everyday here at the agency, I work with organizations to build and optimize custom digital campaigns to fit their message, consumer and budget. The first thing that is crucial to build the most effective campaign is understanding the distinguishing features that a digital campaign brings to the table.megaphone

With traditional media, marketers operated under the assumption that you speak AT the consumer with minimal metrics that can be directly linked to the campaign. Think of it like a megaphone. Sure, you can place the megaphone in certain areas you want to send the message, but it’s not concerned with who it’s speaking at.  Because it’s only emitting a message, it does not react to the people on the other end. You might not be aware if the volume is too high or too low, or even who is listening.

Digital media, however, is able to act as more of a conversation between the user and organization. Its multiple channels have unique ways to reach an audience who not only will be interested in your product/message, but will give you feedback about your campaign. There is much more freedom to make seamless changes, whether shifting budgets, adding or removing geographic regions, extending the length of a campaign, etc. in real time. More than the responsive nature of a digital campaign, the resulting metrics can be used to better understand customer profiles, engagement and resulting sales.conversation

Now that you’ve got a handle on the range of ways that digital media differs from traditional media, it’s time to create a strategy to reach your goals and customers. Here are some of the tools we at i76 Solutions use to build digital media marketing campaigns:

  • Channel: Whether you want to focus on a Google display-driven campaign, social media visibility, search engine rankings, geo-targeted email campaigns or a channel catered to your specific subject matter, we can help you select which options will give you the best fit.
  • Audience: We are able to show your message to a relevant audience that fits your target customer, based on gender, age, household income, interests, geography and device – just to name a few. This cuts down on wasted funds, and gets your message to the most receptive potential and existing customers. See our previous post on inbound marketing for more on pitching to your target audience. 
  • Optimization: The way we respond to customer interactions by shifting the budget to the most effective ads, refining bidding strategies, and managing the audience filters allows us to adapt your campaign based on performance. This includes testing A/B versions of creative, controlling where ads can show up, and even how often consumers see your message.
  • Tracking: By using code, we can continue to show your message to consumers as they continue to other websites and even track how many of them convert into customers, whether directly through the ads, or because they return on their own within 30 days.
Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully this information left you with a better idea of what a marketing campaign is capable of in the digital marketing space. If digital media marketing is right for you, or you want to know more, send us an email for a consultation. Until next time, don’t forget to #ThinkandDo!


Look out…incoming!

Date Posted: June 3, 2014 by

Bring the Customer to Your Front Door with In-Bound Marketing!

James here from i76 Solutions, a digital marketing agency and technology firm located just outside of Philadelphia. At i76 Solutions, we call ourselves a Think and Do shop: we THINK strategy and we DO it with technology.

Welcome to our first blog entry, which uses a brand new set of content publishing tools from our friends atHubspot. We’ll initially explain the ins-and-outs of how in-bound marketing works, and some key data points we’ll start to track.

Why In-bound Marketing?hubspot_logo

As a group of professionals working in marketing and interactive roles at large media corporations for many years, we at i76 Solutions knew that outbound marketing and brand building were important for any company or organization in defining their spot in the marketplace. However, we began to realize that those practices were only half of the equation—the other half was about bringing current and prospective customers to your front door.

So What is In-bound Marketing?

In-bound marketing is a method of marketing whereby you develop and create compelling content that attracts and re-attracts well-qualified prospects on a 1:1 basis throughout the entire buying cycle. It’s about personalizing messages to prospects across different channels such as blogs, social media, or search.  Think of in-bound marketing as bringing the right people to your party by telling people how great your brand is! We will do in-bound marketing with technology and our partners at Hubspot!

As part of any inbound marketing and content creation program, you begin by building your in-bound marketing efforts, which are primarily driven by content strategy. From there it is important to establish key performance metrics (KPI’s). Some of the KPI’s and sample data that should be tracked are as follows:

blog_1-          Overall blog visits
–          Traffic source breakdown
–          Blog Homepage visits
–          Number of posts published
–          Top viewed posts
–          Average in-bound links per post
–          Average comments per post
–          Average views per postblog_2
–          Social Shares per post
–          New blog leads
–          Top Lead Customer / Customer Gen
–          Lead source breakdown
–          Conversion Rates
–          E-Mail Subscribers

Whether you are a Philadelphia-based digital marketing agency and technology firm like us or a food manufacturer based in Kalamazoo, the most efficient and best qualified customer is the one that has raised their hand and has expressed an interest in the product or service you have to offer. As we begin our journey using Hubspot and implementing inbound marketing strategies here at i76 Solutions, we will be blogging about our experiences with this tool, along with providing insight into the other services and projects we do, such as website development, application development, video production, digital media creation and investing.

Check back soon for our next post! #THINKandDO.