Rewind: A Look An This Year’s Best Youtube Ads

Date Posted: April 25, 2014 by Katie Morton

Screens have become integrated into our daily existence, with people CHOOSING to spend nearly 1 billion minutes watching the top 10 ads on YouTube this year.  This is great news for advertisers, as video ads are seen as entertainment instead of just a roadblock. Let’s take a look at the most watched YouTube video ads to  assess how to make content that consumers will share & enjoy in 2015.

  1. Tell a Story – An elevator pitch is no longer  customary to say your piece then return to regularly scheduled programming. When consumers are able to opt of the ad experience but choose to watch, Google found that the top 10 adsaveraged around 3 minutes in length. If you can keep their interest, customers will continue to view and interact.
  2. Extend the Event Experience – Fans spent a staggering 14 million hours watching the top 10 Super Bowl ads, with 75% of that time coming from the days before and after the Super Bowl. You can use this space to give interactive, unique or elongated content.
  3. Create a Series – Recognition and familiarity can trigger higher likeability for a product/brand as well as opening popularity to any related content with a new release. Evian did this when they expanded on their “Baby & Me” video with “The Amazing Baby & Me” featuring Spiderman.
  4. Spark Cultural Conversations – Challenging consumers to rethink their surroundings instead of just making them laugh can be a bold, rewarding move.#LikeaGirl took off this year, with a look into an innocent euphemism may be negatively shaping our expectations and values  to half the population.
  5. Collaborate with Leaders – If you’re  not positive on what subject to choose, or how to get consumer attention, try what Purina Friskies did; by joining forces with video heavyweight BuzzFeed to create “Dear Kitten” collaboration gold.



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