Sample Franchise Agreement For Milk Tea

Date Posted: April 11, 2021 by admin

produce. All applications for authorization must include new models, a copy of the supplier`s licenses, corresponding health certificates and proof of the seller`s civil liability. (j) in your application for candour, you made an incorrect presentation of the facts substantially; 5.9. Maintain the email account and phone number. You must provide and manage an email account sufficient to communicate between you and us. In addition, you must provide and manage a telephone number exclusively used for store activity and list the store and corresponding telephone numbers in telephone and other directories, including the alphabetical section (white pages) and the “Yellow Pages” section, as we manage from time to time. At our request, you must sign a transfer of the phone number agreement in our favor. 9.3. Regular meetings. During the duration of this agreement, we may hold regular meetings of franchisees at different sites to discuss specific issues related to store operations. The purpose and intent of these meetings is to identify potential problems or problems related to the operation of a store and to try to solve problems, and participation in these meetings is mandatory.

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