Verbal Lease Agreement Philippines

Date Posted: October 13, 2021 by admin

Article 1663. The tenant is obliged to bring to the attention of the owner, as soon as possible, any usurpation or any inconceivable action committed or prepared openly by a third person. Article 1648. Any rental of real estate can be registered in the property register. Except rental contract, it is not bound by third parties. (1549 bis) Article 1649. The tenant cannot assign the rental agreement without the agreement of the lessor, unless there is a rule to the contrary. (n) Section 1662. If it is necessary, during the lease, to carry out certain urgent repairs to the rented thing, which cannot be postponed until the termination of the lease, the tenant is obliged to tolerate the work, although it can be very boring for him and although he may be deprived of part of the premises during the same period. Article 1650. If there is no explicit prohibition in the contract for the rental of property, the tenant may sublet all or part of the rented thing, without prejudice to his responsibility in the execution of the contract with the owner. (1550) F: Is Vito, as a tenant, entitled to reimbursement of the improvements and useful ornamental costs which he introduced when the lease was terminated? Article 1658. The tenant may suspend the payment of rent if the landlord does not advance the necessary repairs or keeps the tenant in peaceful and appropriate enjoyment of the rented property.

(n) Section 1652. The subtenant is subsidized by the lessor for the rent due by the tenant. However, the subtenant is not liable beyond the amount of rent due to him in accordance with the conditions of the sublet at the time of the out-of-court invitation of the lessor. Article 1669. If the lease has been concluded for a fixed period, it ends on the fixed day, without the need for a claim. (1565) The lessee may terminate the lease at any time. The tenant may also withhold rents if the landlord refuses to make the necessary repairs or not keep the tenant in peaceful and appropriate enjoyment of the rented property.. .


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