Water Refilling Station Contract Agreement

Date Posted: October 13, 2021 by admin

This contract is between the Smileyberg Water Refilling Station, represented by Richard Allan Cassidy, who resides at Kaawa Perrelos Carcar City Cebu Ph 6019. AND Second Party or known as client. Name: Address: Phone number: While the two parties have agreed on a monthly agreement regarding a hot and cold water dispenser. Section 1: Commitment of the Smileyberg Water Charging Station. A.B.C D. Delivery of water filled with water for the filling of the water dispenser at the expense of the company. Ser# EYLJ 100346546 perform regular maintenance on this machine. To perform warranty work when necessary. The owner has the right to remove the water dispenser if he deems it appropriate.

This contract takes effect upon signature of the contract For this purpose, the parties keep the above observations and place them in the first place. § 2 Obligations of customer A. To ensure that the water machine is stored in a safe place. B. Provide electricity for the machine, paid for by the customer. C. No improper use of the water machine. D. Bottled water is only supplied by Smileyberg Purified Water Station.

E. Any damage will be repaired at the customer`s expense. F. Any loss of the water dispenser will be the responsibility of the customer. G. Any loss of bottles will be reimbursed at the expense of customer Richard Allan Cassidy Manager Smileyberg Purified Water Station. .

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