What Is The French Term For Agreement

Date Posted: October 15, 2021 by admin

In these works, the language is already demanding and technical, well equipped with its own legal terminology. These include many words of Latin origin, but whose forms have been shortened or distorted in a way that suggests they already had a long history of using the French language. Some examples are Advowson from the Latin advocationem, which means the legal right to appoint a pastor; neife, from the Latin nativa, which means a serf woman; and Essoyne or essone of the Latin Sunnis, which means a circumstance that offers liberation from a royal incantation (later, the essonia replaced the Sunnis in Latin, thus replacing the French form with Latin). Cadastre – local urban planning register in which are entered the details of land properties blue card – debit card professional card – issued by the prefecture to real estate agents for the execution of the company credit card – credit card identity card – identity card – identity card – Eccard foreign merchant card – establishment permit for foreign residents residence permit – residence permit in France (also called permit stay) Your inspection – Tax deposit/guarantee centre – Urban planning certificate of the tax administration – Zone certificate (corresponds to a search by a local authority) Transfer – Cheque for the transfer of property or rights – Cheque cheque – Cheque checkbook – Checkbook fees – Maintenance costs of a property (e.B. . . .

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