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Date Posted: July 7, 2014 by James Huth

It’s been a few fun, hectic weeks here at i76 Solutions. As a digital agency that provides both technology and digital marketing services to clients in Philadelphia and around the world, we are constantly coming across marketing projects that are fun yet challenge us to live out our brand message of “Think and Do.” While you read in a previous post about our efforts to dig deeper into inbound marketing with our partners at Hubspot, in this post we wanted to focus on a great project that defines who we are as a digital agency.

Our business at i76 is driven by providing clients with digital solutions that enable them to conduct business better, quicker, and with a greater opportunity to accelerate their revenue and increase customer engagement. That means building responsive websites that can be accessed across multiple devices, developing mobile applications which can enable a field technician to troubleshoot a problem in the middle of nowhere, or upgrading a database so it can deliver better analytics and business intelligence across an organization.

In the case of Scriptacom, a medical transcription provider, i76 is providing an over-haul to their entire business process and, eventually, will set and execute their digital marketing and customer acquisition efforts. At the heart of Scriptacom’s business is a database engine which manages the uploading of audio content from physicians and transports that audio to their team in order to be transcribed and eventually shipped back into the physician’s patient file. This is a process that has many moving parts including a billing engine which records lines of type per audio file. Up to this point, Scriptacom has relied on a series of scripts and dated technology that required a lot of manual updating and prodding. With the updated technology platform being built using the latest in responsive design and a more robust back-end, Scriptacom will now have an automated workflow from end-to-end and will have the ability to add on layered services and, more importantly, account for them in more revenue. All of this will result in less human intervention, better business intelligence, and, most importantly, a better customer experience.

The other important part of the Scriptacom project we are working on currently at i76 is the redesign of their site so that it is a responsive website. Stating a bit of the obvious, but with almost 60% of web traffic now coming over from mobile devices, it is critical that Scriptacom’s site can be seen and function across any browser or device. Below is the initial look at Scriptacom’s responsive web site:Scriptacom

In an upcoming post, we’ll talk further about our digital marketing strategies which will include a deeper look at inbound marketing as well as other forms of digital marketing including search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) marketing. If you’re curious in the meantime, check out Katie’s recent blog postdiscussing digital media marketing. Until then, keep thinking and doing. #THINKandDO.

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