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In the early 2000s, just having a website was enough to separate you from your competition. With the tools available today, anyone can have a website in a matter of minutes. With all the competitors out there, what’s going to separate your website from the next one? How will your potential customers find you? At i76 Solutions, we have built a team of search engine professionals to help drive leads to your website via Google and the rest of the search engines.  


You may have heard of SEO while attending a conference or from a friend. Maybe you read something on the internet about it. What you do know is that SEO is something important and that by leveraging it, you can grow your business, but what is it? Well, at its core, SEO is the practice of leveraging digital tactics to help drive leads to your website via organic search (the unpaid stuff.) These tactics involve everything from keyword research to link building and everything in between. Let’s explain these further.


Keyword Research


Any successful SEO campaign starts with a list of keywords. To be sure that we are driving qualified leads to your site, we will develop a list of phrases that your potential customer would type into a search engine, like Google, to find your business. We will work with you to understand your business objectives to develop a comprehensive list of terms and benchmark these to see how the rankings have improved over time. While we do focus on keywords, we understand that you can’t pay your bills and make payroll with rankings alone. While our main objective is to grow your revenue, developing and optimizing for a list of keywords will help us reach that goal.


Link Building


A link is a clickable reference from one site to another. When site A links to site B, in the eyes of the search engines, site A is giving a vote of confidence in site B. Site A is saying that site B is a trusted resource with regard to the context of the post. The more “votes” that site B gets, the better the site will perform in the search engines. We will work with you to not only build as many links for your business as necessary, but also to build as many quality links that will drive qualified visitors to your site.


Content Creation


Content is the fuel that drives your SEO performance. By creating great content, you are showing to both your potential customers and the search engines that you are a thought leader in your industry. Also, great content tends to attract high quality links which will also increase your website’s overall ranking potential. We will work with you to determine the content that you should create along with the amount and frequency. We will also ensure that the keywords that are important to your business are incorporated in your content.


Technical Modifications


What good is a great website with comprehensive content if it isn’t accessible to the search engines? Our SEO team will audit the code of your website to be sure that your content is being added to the search engines’ indexes as quickly as possible. Any broken links on your website? We can find and correct those. Are you using code on your website that violates Google’s terms of service? We can find this and correct it.


Conversion Rate Optimization


You’ve built an awesome website, with great content and built a ton of links. You may even rank really well for all of your most important terms and see a lot of qualified traffic from this, but, for some reason, these leads aren’t turning into customers. Our SEO team has tools to be able to find out exactly where users are dropping off in the sales process. Are they ending the sales process because they can’t find a coupon code? Is your sales form too long? We can find and fix the issue to be sure that the resources that you put toward SEO are well spent.


Competitive Analysis


Recently, a new competitor has entered your industry that is stealing your customers. What are they doing? How much of it are they doing? Is it working? We can not only reverse engineer your competitor’s strategies, but we can do them better. Allow us to leverage our tools to help you take down that competitor and take your business to the next level.




You’ve created a great contest or promotion, but what good is it if nobody knows about it? Here at i76 Solutions, we can help amplify your promotion by leveraging our outreach specialists. You can spend more time running your business while we spread the content that you are promoting.




Whether you are doing SEO or something like working out, you can’t improve what you can’t measure. Our SEO team is a Google Analytics certified partner. We have data mining experience to help you uncover business opportunities that are buried within your analytics. We will report this data to you on a regular basis so that we can be as transparent as possible with the performance of the campaign.

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