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Social Media Marketing

Social media is no longer optional for your business; it's a key component of your brand identity. Are you leveraging the power of social media to supercharge your marketing strategy? Do you know which social media channels offer the greatest opportunities for your business? Are you harnessing the power of social media to learn about your customers and give them a personalized experience?


Whether you're a small Philadelphia-based business or an international brand, i76Solutions can align your social media strategy with your broader business objectives to drive success.


Social Media Strategy


How would you define your current social media goals? Improving brand recognition? Deepening engagement with your existing customer base? Establishing your company as an industry thought leader? Those priorities define the who, what, where, and how of your social media presence. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the ever-growing crowd of platforms vying for your marketing dollars -- but by understanding your objectives, i76Solutions will help you find your focus.


Social media builds on the power of traditional marketing strategies by empowering businesses and brands to use technology to target and test their messages in ways never before possible. Picture yourself defining a segment of your customer base by age, geographic location, interest, device, and more, and designing a campaign especially for them. Consider the potential of creating an A/B test that tells you how individual images and taglines are performing across multiple audiences. Imagine knowing with confidence that every dollar spent on a social advertising campaign is putting your message in front of your ideal customer.


You've probably participated in social media marketing innovation without even realizing it. Have you ever shared a hilarious, inspiring, or thought-provoking video on Facebook? You may not have been aware of it, but in doing so, you likely contributed to the spread of a successful viral marketing campaign. Viral marketing is just one of the ways social media has shaken up the status quo and blown open a whole new world of creative possibilities. Now you can incorporate music, video, animation, and more into your social strategy, to reach potential customers who would otherwise shut out more conventional advertising messages.


Engage your customers on an even deeper level by challenging their sense of competition! Social media offers the perfect opportunity to create contests and sweepstakes that motivate existing and potential customers alike. These kinds of promotions are great ways to collect data, drive referrals, and push traffic to whatever content you want to feature. And with the help of tools like our Fans with Benefits Facebook application, it's never been easier to design, manage, and analyze your sweepstakes or contest.


The data crunchers in your organization will love digging into the wealth of social media statistics that i76Solutions offers. Our analytics and tracking capabilities go beyond the top-level information provided by the platforms themselves, and allow you to see what else your customers are searching for, how many of them are converting, and what paths they took to get there -- even if it took a few twists and turns.


And don't forget about the SEO benefit of an integrated social media strategy. When your social media is working in harmony with your broader marketing and development objectives, you've effectively plugged all of your other SEO initiatives into a powerful amplifier. The top search engines take social media signals seriously; so should you.


One of the best things about the potential of social media in your business is that it's endlessly scalable; No matter how small or large your organization or objectives, i76Solutions can build and implement a social media strategy that will bring your marketing strategy and customer relationships to the next level of engagement and innovation. Contact us today, and let us show you what's possible.

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